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2019-06-18 18:37:34

Microsoft already uses Hyperledger Fabric, while the Ethereum appearance forms part of a wider outreach plan, says a senior executive.

Microsoft, Salesforce and the Ethereum Foundation are among the major new companies joining enterprise blockchain platform Hyperledger. The company’s executive director, Brian Behlendorf, confirmed the news to Cointelegraph ahead of a public unveiling at the ongoing Synchronize Europe conference in London on June 18.

Part of a monthly update on new members of Hyperledger, Behlendorf said June’s rollout included the Ethereum Foundation as a non-profit member, while supply chain standards body GS1 is also now on board.

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger already counts IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Boerse and others among its participants.

“It shows the expanding footprint that we have out there in terms of not only concentrating on the core which has been the use of Hyperledger Fabric,” Behlendorf told Cointelegraph. He added:

“Microsoft has Hyperledger Fabric as a service offering on Azure; that’s starting to get traction there, and they wanted to deepen that relationship.”

Continuing, Behlendorf noted Salesforce — which offers a range of cloud-based software solutions for businesses — was joining on the back of releasing its software-as-a-service product built on Hyperledger late last month.

The company already has a partnership with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, he added, making it a natural step for the Ethereum Foundation to join as part of efforts to become closer to the largest altcoin’s community.

“What we’re hoping to do is really tap into the creative energy and developer passion that’s in the Ethereum community and figure out how do we even more tightly talk about the full spectrum from permissioned to unpermissioned out there in the blockchain space, and what role we could play in facilitating that whole spectrum,” he concluded.

Other companies will also join Hyperledger at the same time, with full details due in the formal announcement.

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